Brief descriptions of publicly available Morphii services. The other topics in this site provide additional information and detail about working with Morphii services.

Morphii Services and Integrations

Morphii allows users to manipulate the type and intensity of emotions in a digital domain. There are several different morphiis to allow for a full range of possible emotions. A developer has the option to include a comment section along with the morphii. The developer then can gather pertinent information from the user’s interaction with the morphiis to use for analytical purposes.

Morphii List

A list of the publicly available morphiis that can be used in the SDK or widget. Morphii List

Morphii Widget

The Morphii Widget provides developers with the ability to add the Morphii technology to HTML application and sites. Morphii Widget

Morphii iOS SDK

The Morphii SDK provides developers with the ability to add a morphii technology to iOS native apps. Morphii iOS SDK

Survey Integrations

This area provides more information on embedding the Morphii Widget into different survey platforms. Survey Integrations