Vizbii is happy to announce enhancements to the Morphii-SurveyGizmo Integration. This version contains the ability to show instruction text and anchor text of each side of the slider. Check out the documentation.

questions: [
    id: 57,
    comment: {
      show: true,
      required: false,
      maxlength: 512,
      label: {
        en: 'Please leave a comment'
    slider: {
      show_animation: true,
      anchor_labels: {
        show: true,
        left: {
          en: 'Less intense',
          es: 'Menos intenso'
        right: {
          en: 'More intense',
          es: 'Mas intenso'
    instructions: {
      show: true,
      pre_select_label: {
        en: 'Select the graphic above that best represents how you feel.',
        es: 'Seleccione el gráfico de arriba que mejor represente cómo se siente.'
      post_select_label: {
        en: "Move the slider to show how intense your feeling is.",
        es: "Mueva el control deslizante para mostrar qué tan intenso es su sentimiento."
    morphii_ids: morphiiIdSet,
    hidden_action_ids: {
      id: 94,
      intensity: 95,
      name: 96,
      question: 111,
      comment: 97